MediGenie Application

Our health care application MediGiene App is available for Android on Google Play Store.  This app is launched for India for now.

Features and use:

  1. Your and your family members prescriptions are available to your at any time.
  2. Your and your family members test reports are available to you at any time, no need to carry bulky files while visiting doctors.
  3. Book appointments with doctors*.
  4. Order your medicines online and door delivered*.
  5. Keep track of your food intake so that further analysis can be done.
  6. Keep track on your life style activities.
  7. Request for ambulance services during emergency*.
  8. Share your medical records in real-time with your unlimited number of medical contacts anywhere in the world. Your attendants need not memorize.
  9. Doctor visit history is maintained online.
  10. Medication history is maintained online.
  11. Medical reminders are available so that you have your dosage on time.
  12. Linking your medical insurance partners so that your policy details and other related information are available to you online*.
  13. Connected blood banks will help you to donate or request for blood when needed*.
  14. Learn about the medicine you are consuming.
  15. Consult your doctor from anyplace through Video Call*.
  16. Search nearby doctors and pharmacies.
  17. Request necessary Lab Test and get the report in your App**.
  18. Request for allied medical services at home, eg. nursing services, physiotherapists**

Referrals: Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Labs, Hospitals, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Insurance companies can get onto our platform.
Mail to MediGenie App team to register/refer.

* feature under development, will be released soon
** feature is dependent on the professionals or agencies signed up on our platform

Check out our Product Demo.

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