DoctorGenie Application

Our healthcare professionals platform DoctorGiene App is available for Android on Google Play Store.   All health care professionals can get on to this platform and contribute to the digital healthcare. This app is launched for India for now.

Features and use:

  1. Doctors could schedule or confirm appointments, access patient records, manage prescriptions and manage other healthcare services
  2. Doctor can consult via text chat or video chat or in their respective hospitals
  3. Doctors can use the template feature to create templates for specific ailments and recall the same and modify as necessary while doing prescriptions.
  4. The prescriptions can be forwarded to a pharmacy available on this platform and the medicines can be delivered to the patients*^.
  5. Re-order quantity can be fixed so that medicines can be requested from the suppliers*^.
  6. Labs can register on our platform and the tests that are requested by the patients can be addressed by sample collections from home or hospital or on-premise at the Lab. Tests report can be shared with patients and doctors directly*.
  7. Special care from Nurses and other related healthcare services can be provided through bookings by patients*^.
  8. Medical insurance purchasing, renewal and claims can be made through this platform*^.
  9. Blood banks and organ donation organizations will be linked up soon.
  10. Ambulance service providers can register on our platform and provide necessary services*^.

* feature under development, will be released soon
^ feature is dependent on the professionals or agencies signed up on our platform

Referrals: Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Labs, Hospitals, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Insurance companies can get onto our platform.
Mail to DoctorGenie App team to register/refer.

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